Testimonials Film
‘My soul has been refilled with love, laughter and happiness, and that’s all by somthing you have created’
— Sarah Thompson, Orbis Challenge 2019
To sum up the Orbis Challenge, it was EPIC! One of the best weeks in my life, you see how stunning malawi is, you make friends for life and everytime I reflect on the experience I smile because I had such a great time.
— Conor Sheridan, Competition Winner, Orbis Challenge 2019
Through this trip I have a renewed believe in myself that all things are possible and we can all make a difference no matter how small. I have made new life long friendships thanks to Orbis and I really thank you for this.
— Helen Meldrum, Orbis Challenge 2019
It was the most amazing experience of my life. At times it was humbling, at others it was inspiring, emotional, joyful, fun and so many other great feelings. We came together as 30 unique individuals of different ages, backgrounds and even countries. We all in our own ways had varying experiences of running. From the trail runners to the endurance runners; from the very fast runners to the steady runners. Yet put us together, and 1 incredible unit. Great camaraderie, great support for each person on the team. We laughed together, cried together, ate together and just as 1 family made it the best 1 week of our lives. Friends for life.
— Barinderjit Cheema
This trip was awesome!! Well organised. Fantastic Hospitality. Hands down to the people behind it all. People were all fantastic as well. Made friends for life. Always well looked after. Would I do it again? Definitely!!!
— Marc Singer, Orbis Challenge 2019
An incredible week which had everything and more! Beautiful challenging runs - each unique and testing. Amazing visits to schools, orphanages and community projects. Time and again the incredible, resilient and generous people of Malawi proved why this is the Warm Heart of Africa. And the runners - who would have thought a random bunch of people could gel together, support one another, laugh so much and form such a team. Orbis family!
— Karen Young, Orbis Challenge 2019
I have so many highlights, it’s hard to know where to begin! Firstly the comradeship between the team was incredible and the support and friendship everyone gave to each other. Out of the trails, my biggest highlight was running the magnificent Mount Mulanje - the views were incredible and the terrain, especially on the descents, were right up my street! The third run at Cape Maclear was quite simply stunning - the rainbow after the rain, the spectacular sunrise, running amongst the fields and having the villagers encourage us on. On all runs the atmosphere was fun, no-one took them as races, we were a team running together. I’d love to come back in 2021 and maybe meet my sponsorship student too. I get teary thinking about our wonderful week, I wanted it to last forever, thank you so much for making it such a special time!
— Emma Morton, Orbis Challenge Team 2019
The trip was so well organised down to every last detail. Kate, Dom and the team covered everything, the accommodation, transport, food. The medical staff were fantastic and the support team. Even when I had to take a rain check on one of the runs, it was met with alternative options and was equally as enjoyable being part of the photography team. The runs were out of this world with such varied terrain and views and the projects we visited between times were an eye opener to life in Malawi, the hardships of every day but also the sheer friendliness and enjoyment on the faces of the amazing people that we met... thank you Kate and Dom.
— Clare Dixon, Orbis Challenge 2019
One of the most memorable trips in my life. I will never forget this adventure and I would love to come back, both with our children as well as to do the race again in the future. The people who helped us on the races were all inspirational and also the Orbis team as well as all runners were lovely group. Different people who found each other running through the most beautiful sceneries. See you again Malawi!
— Elke Vinck, Orbis Challenge 2019
The Orbis challenge for me was the most amazing thing I have ever done....the experiences, memories and friends I have made will last a life time. Seeing the different culture and way of life in Malawi was a real eye opener for me and puts a different perspective on life for sure. Truly happy people who don’t have a lot but make the most of what life has given them.

The icing on the cake was Dame Kelly Holmes joining us....such a lovely inspiring lady with a beautiful soul and a friend for life I’m sure. As well as the challenges we did the trips and excursions were also amazing and gave us a great insight into life in Malawi. If anyone has the opportunity to go and experience this trip I would 100% say go for it....it will be life changing.
— Nicola Curtis

It’s hard to find the words to sum up exactly what The Orbis Challenge 2018 meant to me. From the moment I found out i’d got a place I was in shock and then focused that excited energy on a tough training plan. Having lived in East Africa for 3 years (a decade ago) I knew roughly what to expect, but nothing could have prepared me for the wonder of the experience. Malawi is stunning, and the Malawians exceptionally warm-hearted and joyous people. We went to inspire them through sport and support their grass-roots nutrition project, yet they inspired us more than I can describe.
The challenges themselves were crazy, in the best way possible.....seriously tough both mentally and physically, and the sense of achievement at the end was euphoric. This trip is not just a week in your life...it’s a lifetime of memories and a life changing experience. The friends and memories I made that week, I will treasure forever and this includes the amazing Dame Kelly Holmes, who is such a special person. Thank you to all who made this possible. And to anyone even contemplating doing The Orbis Challenge.....seriously don’t hesitate, apply now! Your special journey starts now!
— Polly Haywood

There were so many unexpected highlights / surprises. Firstly the trip was as authentic as i think you could have made it, and that made the trip. The camaraderie of the team of people from Dom and yourself through everyone who looked after us. having a person like Dame Kelly become part of the team without any hesitation or ego.
Being able to run with the talented Malawi runners and sharing that very touching ad hoc presentation of shoes afterwards was so memorable for me. (that interaction made the run memorable.) I have to say the challenges were superbly organised and the involvement of each of the specialist guys (cycle, kayak and running) was such a great way to become involved in the challenge. (the challenge against yourself, not necessarily any race )

The very emotion trips to the community days ( Joseph and the students springs to mind.) The community days i found heart warming. emotional, levelling and spiritually motivational.

If i had to try and sum it up, i would say that i was privileged to spend time with a special bunch of individuals that bonded through shared physical and emotional experiences with great humour, humility and human spirit.
— Ian Brierley