Our Team in Malawi

Orbis Expeditions began in Malawi and still has a base there known as The Responsible Safari Company (RSC). Run by a group of inspirational Malawians the Malawi office works throughout the year with our linked community partners, supports Orbis in choosing the projects to work with and provides that vital local cultural insight to ensure the work we do is not only sustainable but empowering too. Learn more about RSC.


We are committed to supporting existing organisations that are registered within Malawi and work directly with local people and local government. Our brand manifesto empowers local Malawians by concentrating where possible on a Trade and not Aid model, education and not voyeurism and a culture of inclusivity that strives to promote global citizenship within our team, visiting groups and initiatives we work with. Further Info on Orbis Brand Manifesto


Tourism- A Direct Economic Impact

During your time in Malawi you are directly impacting and supporting the local economy. The hotels you stay at, the drivers and guides that are with you, the activity providers and the communities you visit- each part of your Sport with a Purpose expedition is paid directly back to the provider of that service, creating local employment and promoting empowerment through business.

Open Arms Malawi, Orbis Challenge

2019. Purpose: Nutrition

Open Arms Malawi.

The 2019 Orbis Challenge Team supported the work of Open Arms Malawi- which supports vulnerable infants in Southern Malawi. The money raised provided the programmes 550 infant children with nutritious food under the Open Arms Malawi outreach programme.


2018. Purpose: Nutrition

Street Chef

The 2018 Orbis Challenge Team supported the work of Street Chef, a forward thinking initiative that aims to educate and support local Malawian start up businesses to provide healthy Street Food alternatives in Blantyre City Centre, wood efficient stoves and nutritious locally sources ingredients.